Have you won the lottery? If so, then here is your opportunity to own the best news brand name and most comprehensive news domain suite that's available. In a world of ever more diluted global domain branding, NewsScape is the best possible global news brand covering all forms of media.

But if you want to make an offer, then hurry up! We are building this brand as time permits and we may soon take it off the market.

As well as being strong in its own right, NewsScape readily lends itself to creative sub-domain identities
for topics and regions - eg

  • cars.newscape.com
  • gaming.newscape.com
  • politics.newscape.co m
  • uk.newscape.com
  • usa.newscape.com
  • london.newscape.com

This domain name set is for sale:

  • newscape.com
  • newscape.eu
  • newscape.info
  • newscape.net
  • newscape.tv
  • newsscape.com
  • newsscape.eu
  • newsscape.info
  • newsscape.net
  • newsscape.org
  • newscape.co.uk
  • newsscape.co.uk
  • newscape.uk
  • newsscape.uk
  • newsscape.tv

Price for the FULL set on application.

Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram logins also available

The set will not be broken up.

All enquiries to

NewsScape is a service of USP Networks: www.usp.net